What You’ll Experience When Traveling Via PS LAX

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While private travel is always preferred for those of us who can afford it (and you know who you are, Haute Living readers), those who fly commercial can also have a VIP experience, at LAX, at least. PS, formerly known as The Private Suite at LAX, has launched a new service for VIPs (or those that think that they are) in its PS Direct. This is a first-of-its-kind travel service that will chauffeur travelers from their flight door straight to their home or hotel.

So what exactly IS PS, and what does the experience include? PS is a private terminal designed for first and business class travelers seeking the highest safety, privacy and luxury at LAX. For departures from Los Angeles, it allows travelers to enjoy time in a private suite before going through private TSA screening and being driven across the airfield direct to their flight – all while interacting with no more than five people from start to finish.

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With PS Direct, which launched earlier this month, the exclusive terminal will now be able to offer members arriving to Los Angeles private transportation directly from the airplane door to their preferred location in a BMW 7-Series sedan, bypassing the airport and the PS terminal entirely. For members looking to book PS Direct on their inbound domestic travel, the service will also accommodate checked luggage for immediate retrieval directly from the aircraft or be retrieved for later delivery.

For frequent flyers, a membership is essential (it’s $4,500 a year and includes complimentary services such as insuite meals, beauty and grooming services, and preferred rates with partners including BMW), but this is available to non-members too for $4,150 per flight for four people. Whether you’re a one-off or an all-timer, you’ll receive the same experience. On departure, a PS host greets members and takes care of their luggage. Once inside the remote terminal, members have access to local dining options, indoor and outdoor lounges and a selection of entertainment.

On arrival, members are greeted at the aircraft door by a PS agent and escorted directly from the airfield to the PS terminal, where they comfortably await luggage delivery.

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PS also offers travelers private TSA screening, on-site customs and immigration processing, as well as the comfort of their own suite. Each suite features its own bathroom, food-service pantry, a two-person daybed, and a view of aircrafts landing and taking off.

If you think this launch is in response to the pandemic, you’d be right. “PS Direct is coming at a time when our members need it the most,” says PS Co-CEO Amina Belouizdad, “it’s a private jet experience off a commercial flight.”

On that note, with consideration of safety and precaution measures due to COVID-19 pandemic, spa and salon services are limited, but available upon request.

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