Travel the World Like You’re in a Wes Anderson Movie

What makes a building or the cute telephone booth “Accidentally Wes Anderson”? According to Wally Royal, the creator of the immensely popular Instagram account of that name, “You know it when you see it: whether it’s the symmetrical lines, pastel hues, immaculate composition, or something idiosyncratic and beautiful that you can and cannot describe at once.” Luckily for all of us, Royal has curated a catalog of some of the best selections around the world. That catalog, Accidentally Wes Anderson, is the latest selection for our series on beautiful travel-related coffee table books, Just Booked.

The delightful book is organized by continent, and so one zooms across the globe, from one captivating pastel spot to another. Each picture is accompanied by some text telling a bit of the backstory as well as who submitted the pic. In North America, one can marvel at grand edifices like the Georgia Hotel in Santa Monica or Wilmington’s Grand Opera House (we’ll definitely be driving there soon!) or at interiors like the Pittsburgh Athletic Association’s indoor pool (where Mr. Rogers swam each day!). It also devotes plenty of space to smaller, easily overlooked wonders, such as a subway payphone in Toronto.

For those who want to wander afar via the aesthetic defined by the films of the celebrated director, inspiration can be found at the Hospital Naval in Buenos Aires, a pancake stand-in Croatia, a branch of the BNP Paribas branch in Wroclaw, or the Najim al-Imam Religious School in Najal. Regardless of what might strike your fancy paging through, it’s also a book sure to pique the interest of your guests.

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