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A pleasant fall weekend was spent this month in Battle Ground, Indiana, where the sun was shining and leaves were falling. We spent some time outdoors in two places where it was easy to practice social distancing, and we were able to take in some nature and some history on our visit.

We first visited Wolf Park, a not-for-profit facility dedicated to wildlife behavioral research, education and conservation. The park is home to wolves, foxes and bison. Reservations can be made for a guided tour that lasts about an hour on a half-mile trail along the wolf and fox enclosures and bison pastures.

Besides tours, there are a number of seminars open to the public. The schedules have been scaled back due to the pandemic, but you can check out the calendar on and register for various tours, howl nights, photography workshops and other events. Howl-O-Ween Nights include a trail walk, program and campfire. Feeding Specialty Tours explore the diets and hunting strategies of wolves and foxes. The Photography Specialty Tours are led by world-renowned wolf photographer Monty Sloan, with a series of photo opportunities through fences. Different sponsorship opportunities are available that allow for more intimate visits with some of the animals.

In all, there are seven wolves, 13 bison and four foxes (two red and two gray) that reside at the park, which opened in 1972 and covers about 75 acres. Our guide, Chris, explained that 1808 was the last time bison roamed Indiana in the wild, and 1908 was the last time wolves did so. The residents have interesting names, among them Kanti, Aspen, Scarlette, Mama B, Thelma, Louise, Joker, Aretha and Elwood. It was a nice place to spend a little time outdoors — watching the animals, walking the trail, taking in the flowers and other scenery and even getting a peek at a set-up for a wedding that was taking place on site that afternoon.

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