This Handmade Slipper Collection Was Inspired By One Of New York’s Most Iconic Hotels

In a time when excuses to get properly dressed are far and few between, this collaboration between slipper stalwart Stubbs & Wootton, and writer-slash-man-about-town Zachary Weiss gives reason to celebrate. A toast to social outings and hotel living, the punchy phrases and cheeky embroideries pay homage to the things that Mr. Weiss loves most about the historic St. Regis New York.

“During this time spent cooped up in my New York City apartment, there’s nothing I’ve missed more than traveling to new destinations near and far, and the fun and frivolous elements of hotel living that come along with it,” Weiss says. From club sandwiches and cocktails to nightly Champagne sabrage, “each day on the road is filled with these not-so-simple pleasures that set travel apart from our everyday.”

Here’s what Mr. Weiss has to say about each style:


“I love the collective energy and positivity a weekend brings for all of us. You can feel it when you walk out of the office on a Friday afternoon, and every week for almost 5 years now I’ve posted an Instagram that tries to capture this energy using a photo — usually depicting a member of a royal family or a bathing beauty or a beautiful boat in the South of France — and the same caption: ‘Did someone say weekend?’”


“This design pays tribute to Stubbs & Wootton’s history of modernizing the velvet tuxedo slipper through a much needed dose of humor and playfulness. Paying the tab is everyone’s least favorite part of a travel or dining experience, so why not poke fun at it?”


“A few years ago, one of the head barmen at the St. Regis New York taught me how to saber a bottle of champagne with the hotel’s own beautiful saber that’s kept in a very important-looking velvet-lined box. Since then, it’s been a party trick that I break out whenever possible, however, I’m usually using a kitchen knife. It still takes me a few tries, but when it works, the crowd goes wild.”


“The aura that surrounds the club sandwich is what I love most about it. At the end of the day, the ingredients are usually very simple — the name quite literally refers to the simple combination of C.L.U.B., chicken and lettuce under bacon — but no matter where you find yourself on the map, it has a presence. For me, it’s an essential part of every journey, and I love to see how it’s adapted in every corner of the world.”


“We borrowed this pithy little phrase from the 1960s ad men who were known to enjoy a daily three-martini lunch on the company dime, but for me, I think of the warm weather destinations I’ve been lucky enough to visit, where lunch is usually consumed poolside and in liquid form.”


“This collection is all about the decadent moments we experience while traveling that are unlike our everyday routine, and really what’s more of indulgent than a breakfast cocktail? The Red Snapper, better known to most of us as The Bloody Mary, was invented in 1934 at the St. Regis New York’s King Cole Bar as an evening apéritif.”

The six designs, for both men and women, are available now on and select St. Regis Hotels for $550 per pair.

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