These are the 5 best Purell deals on the whole internet right now

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Purell Hand Sanitizer Amazon

  • Purell was just as hard to find online as N95 masks up until a few weeks ago, but now there’s plenty in stock and there are even some shockingly good deals to be found.
  • Head over to Amazon and you’ll find Purell in stock with prices starting at around $10, while the best deals are on 12-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles and large 1-liter Purell bottles.
  • Here, we’ll cover the five best Purell hand sanitizer deals you can find online right now.

It seems like it has been an eternity since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, but there are still some essential products that are impossible to find in stores. N95 masks are at the very top of the list, but we actually recommend skipping N95 masks for two reasons. First, they’re still in short supply and you shouldn’t reward online retailers who are gouging prices and taking supply away from healthcare professionals and first responders. Second, there’s an option that’s just as good and available to anyone and everyone for far less money.

DecoPro KN95 face masks are the only KN95 masks on Amazon right now that are authorized on the FDA’s list. They were tested by NIOSH and found to filter more than 95% of small airborne particles, which is performance that’s in line with 3M N95 masks. 10-packs are almost $20 off right now at Amazon, which matches the lowest price we’ve ever seen for these top-quality masks.

The other essential product you need for protection against COVID-19 is Purell, and it’s still impossible to find in stores in most regions. There’s plenty available on Amazon these days though — and there are even some discounts available, which is shocking! In this post, we’ll cover the five best Purell deals you’ll find online right now.

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12-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles are 31% off right now at Amazon, which is easily the best deal we’ve seen since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. If you already have pump and travel bottles that you’re looking to refill, 4-packs of 1-liter Purell bottles are down to the lowest prices of 2020.

The two Purell pump bottle listings above are both sold directly by Amazon at the best prices anywhere, but there’s another option for people who don’t want to buy a 12-pack and are willing to pay a little extra money. 3-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles are available from third-party sellers on Amazon starting at $21.25.

You’ll also find that 36-packs of 1oz travel Purell bottles are down to the lowest price of the year, and they’re perfect to carry with you in a pocket, backpack, briefcase, or purse. With schools having reopened all across the country, it’s definitely a good idea to stock up. And if you don’t need quite that many travel bottles, you can pick up a 4-pack of 1oz Purell bottles for just $10.08.

Last but not least, prices have come down a bit lately for Lysol spray and Lysol wipes. With winter weather and the flu season right around the corner, there’s a good chance these prices will start to soar again soon.

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