The Ultimate COVID-19 Holiday Travel Guide

Every year people take to the roads and airways to visit friends and family for the holidays. But the onset of the COVID-19 has disrupted travel plans across the world. Should social distancing, wearing a mask and shelter-at-home squash your upcoming trips? Maybe not.

To help stop the transmission of the coronavirus, the airline and travel industry have implemented measures to keep you and your family safe and well during the holidays. There’s no way to know if the pandemic will get worse (or better) in the next few months or if the travel industry will announce a new set of rules, but it’s never too early to prepare.

This guide will give you insight on steps and precautions to take whether you’ve already booked your travel or if you’re still in the planning stages. It will also highlight how the best travel credit cards, and the rewards earned from them, can be used to save money on your travels during these financially unstable times.

Pandemic travel options 

When traveling by car, bus, train or plane, you risk being exposed to COVID-19. Germs on surfaces or in the air at a rest stop, bus or train station, or in the airport where it’s difficult to social distance can infect you or a family member making this holiday season memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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