The Lore Podcast Has Teamed with Apple Maps for Spooky City Guides

There’s not a lot of traveling going on right now, but hopefully, by this time next year, many more of us will be back exploring our environs, especially some of the many spooky and haunted locales. But whether you’re longing for some travel now or wanted to plan a haunted holiday next year, the Lore podcast and Apple maps have you covered.

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Lore is Aaron Mahnke’s blockbuster podcast that takes a deeper look at the dark corners of history and folklore. From New England Vampires to spontaneous human combustion, to creepy cryptids and real serial killers, Lore is my go-to favorite when I want to get in a spooky mood or just wonder at the vast amount of things we humans can’t explain or understand.

Some of my favorite Lore episodes are the installments where Mahnke looks at the specific locations and cities to give listeners a survey of the local hauntings and, well, lore. Mahnke has produced episodes on the usual suspects like New Orleans or Savannah, but also cities are less known for being haunted, like Seattle or Baltimore.

And now, Lore is collaborating with Apple Maps to create Haunted City Guides that you can access on your Apple device (or on your browser). You can select a city and find your way to all the haunted locations discussed in its episode of Lore! As of now, there are only three but the feature is going to continue to expand. Oh and there’s also a larger guide to the haunted graveyards of America.

So start exploring, and if you want to get into the Halloween spirit (or contact some spirits) there’s no better podcast than Lore to listen to on a long walk in the dark.

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