Odd Duck owners share hope and vision for the future

When Odd Duck opened in 2012, it offered diners in Milwaukee something new: a mid-priced restaurant with all the charms of finer dining. Eight years later, the popular restaurant is still serving up their inventive small plates, but in a very different environment.

On this week’s podcast, we sat down with Odd Duck owners, Melissa Buchholz and Ross Bachhuber to discuss the inspiration for the restaurant, the ways in which they’ve adapted their restaurant to meet the needs of diners over the years and the factors they’ve considered while operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along the way, we discuss the intricate network of farms and businesses that keep the service industry running, the things diners likely don’t know about how restaurants operate and the passion that fuels the industry.

Tune in for a rare glimpse behind the scenes at their restaurant, insights into what the industry at large is facing and a vision for a (hopefully) better dining future.




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