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Boris Johnson said Christmas may be “very different”, but he hoped taking action now would mean families can still spend time together. The Prime Minister told a Downing Street conference he was “truly sorry” for the impact lockdown would have on businesses, but assured the furlough scheme would be extended for another month to provide financial assistance. But now, holidaymakers and families have been left wondering whether or not they can still go on holiday.

Where can I travel to?

The Government advice says people should avoid travelling in and out of their local area.

In addition, people should be looking to reduce the number of journey and trips they make.

In cities and wherever possible, workers are advised to look for alternative routes to work, such as by cycling or walking.

However, people should not stop travelling for the following reasons:

  • Going to work where this cannot be done from home
  • Travelling to school, college, university and for caring responsibilities
  • Attending GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health
  • Visiting venues that are open, including essential retail
  • Exercise, even if you need to make a short journey to do so

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However, even if you don’t need to isolate, travellers will need to abide by the restrictions in place.

If it’s the case you do need to travel abroad from England before December 2, make sure you are legally permitted to do so, for example, for work reasons.

Even if you’re returning to a place you’ve visited before, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises travellers to check the rules in place at your destination.

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