India wants a more predictable US visa regime

NEW DELHI: India remains engaged with the US for increasing predictability in the visa regime and to minimise the inconvenience being faced by those in the US or those who need to travel to the country for bona fide reasons, said the government days after the third Indo-US 2+2 ministerial dialogue.

“Government of India will continue to monitor any development on this issue,” said the MEA spokesperson, adding people-to-people relationship was an important foundation of the special relationship between India and the US.

“In our engagements, we have emphasised that this has been a mutually-beneficial partnership which should be nurtured,” he added.

The 2+2 saw India and the US recognising the important role of people-to-people linkages in strengthening the overall bilateral relationship and economic ties. “Both sides look forward to the next iteration of the India-US Consular Dialogue to further increase cooperation and discuss issues of mutual concern, including visas, and familial issues related to marriage, adoption and child custody,” the joint statement had said.

The Trump administration had recently announced new restrictions on H-1B non immigrant visa programme aimed at protecting American workers, restoring integrity and to better guarantee that H-1B petitions are approved only for qualified beneficiaries and petitioners, in a move which is likely to affect thousands of Indian IT professionals.

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