IACE Travel Launches LIVE Virtual Tour to Hidden Treasures in Japan Series

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In light of international flight restrictions, IACE Travel is offering a different route for travelers missing out on trips to Japan. With the cooperation of Kotohira Bus Company, IACE Travel launches a series of virtual tours to the “Hidden Treasures in Japan.” Broadcast live from Japan, this virtual tour series brings tourists to some of Japan’s lesser known towns and villages. This is a new way of taking virtual tours than has ever been experienced. Get an idea of where to go and how to prepare for your next trip!

What makes IACE Travel’s Virtual Tour so special?

The tour guide welcomes you at the airport check-in counter before you “board” your Premium Economy class seat on one of Japan’s largest airlines. Once you arrive in Japan, hop on a bus to your next destination! Along the way, tour participants can interact with the guide and other tour participants by using the chat function…all while being entertained with trivia and even exercising!

The first stop of the series is the island of Shikoku, located in the southwest. Participants will visit all four of Shikoku’s prefectures and see local towns, nature, sake breweries, food, and temples. Admission is only charged per account, so it is ideal for families as well. Relax, grab a snack, and enjoy the voyage to the hidden treasures in Japan! Join IACE’s LIVE Virtual Tour by visiting IACE Travel’s website.

Tour Itinerary

Date : Fri, October 30th 9PM(EDT)/ 8PM(CDT)/ 6PM(PDT)/ 3PM(HDT)

Time (PDT)



Depart San Francisco International Airport


Arriving Matsuyama Airport, Japan ~ Ehime Prefecture

Dogo Onsen Town Walk


Tokushima Prefecture

Iya Valley, Kazura-bashi bridge


Break time

Excercise, Talk


Kochi Prefecture

Sake Brewary – Tsukasabotan, Eel restaurant


Kagawa Prefecture

Zentsu-ji temple, Udon restaurant


Tour ends,

Q & A Session

Upcoming Virtual Tours
The next destination of the series is Kagoshima, Japan scheduled on Friday, December 11th. Details will be posted on our website in November!

Company Details
IACE Travel – HQ: New York / CEO: Daisuke Hasegawa
Kotohira Bus Co., Ltd – HQ: Kagawa, Japan / CEO: Taijiro Kusunoki

Media Contact:
Noriko Sakurada
1 866 735 4223
[email protected]


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