Fortnite Witch’s Broom Guide: How To Travel 100 Meters

Fortnite’s Halloween event brings a new item that’ll help players soar around the map: the witch’s broom. One of the Fortnitemares challenges tasks you with traveling 100 meters while on it. This guide will show you how to find a witch’s broom and complete the challenge quickly.

Where Can You Find A Witch’s Broom?

Witch’s brooms are located at one of several shacks spread across the map. You’ll find the brooms in a barrel, similar to how fishing poles are stored, near these shacks. Break the barrel and grab a broom. Here’s a map with several shack locations. As you can see, they’re scattered all over. This should help stop you from running into too many enemies:

Fortnite Witch Shack Locations
Fortnite Witch Shack Locations

The challenge is incredibly easy to complete once you have the broom. The broom lets you soar across the map; it’s basically a re-skin of the Silver Surfer ability. You’ll be able to fly 100 meters with one use. All you need to do is use it as you would any other item.

A challenge that tasks players with visiting all witch shacks is coming later in Fortnitemares, so you’ll want to keep this guide handy. As you can see, they’re spread out. It might be a little bit harder than some of the other challenges if you’re trying to do it without running into any enemies.

Fortnite Witch's Broom
Fortnite Witch’s Broom

What Do I Get For Flying On The Witch’s Broom?

You’ll earn 40,000 experience points once you fly 100 meters. That, along with the reward from becoming a shadow three times, gives you a lot of experience points to tackle Season 4’s long grind. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to trick-or-treat and eat candy in Fortnitemares, too. It’s one of the quicker challenges to complete this season!

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