Farewell to ‘Alamance Living’ magazine

Jill Doss-Raines / For The Times-News
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This year has been a year of change and cancellations. Sadly, I learned not too long ago of another change. “Alamance Living” magazine will not continue after 2020. This is the last issue.

This story appears in the Nov./Dec. 2020 issue of Alamance Living magazine, the publication’s last issue. To read more stories like this, subscribe to the Times-News newspaper to support local journalism.

This cancellation has nothing to do with COVID-19, and all the changes and cancellations the pandemic has caused this year. It’s more about changing roles and goals in the newspaper industry. “Alamance Living” magazine is owned by the Times-News’ parent company Gannett Media. Gannett Media merged with GateHouse Media earlier this year, and since then business plans and goals for almost every department at the newspaper began evolving as our industry moves to placing more emphasis on digital publication. 

More simply put, print publications are very expensive to produce, especially magazines. JD Walker and I will miss producing not only “Alamance Living,” but our regional groups’ other two magazines — “Davidson Living” and “Thrive.” I helped start Davidson Living magazine at The Dispatch newspaper in 2017. JD Walker has worked faithfully and professionally on “Alamance Living” since the departure of former magazine editor Charity Apple. 

I wish I did not have to deliver this news, but I must. I hope you have enjoyed our short time together. It was just a few months ago in the May issue of  “Alamance Living”  that JD Walker introduced herself as this magazine’s new editor. We were planning some changes in the magazine and its printing frequency for 2021. However, we got the news that all three magazines will cease publishing in 2020.

We’ll still tell many of the stories you would have read in the magazine, but they will just be part of the Times-News newspaper and website. 

Happy reading in this last issue of “Alamance Living.” I hope you find stories that entertain and inform you. Here are some of the stories awaiting your discovering in this issue.

Take a deep breath and enjoy a visit with Jim and Rita Duxbury. This couple are woodworking artisans. They create arboreal delights out of what most of us would consider firewood. Isn’t it a treat to know that Alamance County is home to such world-renowned talent?

Just in time for the holidays, we have plenty of inspiration for the kitchen and help in the medicine cabinet. Local extension agent Eleanor Frederick teaches us how to safely prepare tasty treats for family and friends. She also leads off the list of favorite cookie recipes from happy cooks around the region. Try them. You and all those on your gift list will love them

Meet Henrietta Cummings. She is an herbalist with 30 years of experience who lives in Randolph County. She teaches us how to fight off colds, overcome flus and just generally stay as healthy as possible in this most stressful time.

If you have the time for travel, uplifting sights are just a few miles away at Linbrook Estates. Dozens of Christmas trees, halls decked with garlands and poinsettias and sparkling lights fill the one of the largest private homes in the region. The doors are open and you are welcome to visit.

There’s so much to see, so much to take your mind off your troubles – just for a while. Just turn the page for inspiring stories about volunteers, fascinating local history and so much more in this issue of Alamance Living.

Those are just a few of the stories awaiting you inside these pages.

It’s the end of the year and everybody deserves a break from pandemics and riots and rancor and all of the stuff that has made 2020 so difficult. Happy reading and Merry Christmas.

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