Enjoy the Sierra Nevada Hiking Trail

The Sierra Nevada is a fantastic place to hike because it has several great paths that range from short strolls to longer hikes. Even among the trails, there are different levels of difficulty: the hardest ones are on the northern side of the mountain, while the easiest ones are on the southern one. Most trails can be completed in a single day; some extend all the way to the Mulhacén.

One of the tallest mountain ranges in Europe is the Sierra Nevada. It goes without saying that the Sierra Nevada is a fantastic place to go hiking should you buy an Apartments for sale Costa del Sol.

The 16 km long Travengue hiking trail may be covered on foot in about 5 hours and 30 minutes. The terrain (gravel and sand) makes it difficult to walk, making this one of the toughest walks in Sierra Nevada.

There is a good reason why Travenque is known as “The King” among the locals. Even though it’s not the tallest mountain in Sierra Nevada, this hike is the best in the region. At the summit, there are 360-degree views of the mountains around Veleta, a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada. 

Travélez – Siete Lagunas is another fantastic hiking track. It extends all the way to the beautiful Siete Lagunas meadows, which stand in stark contrast to their barren surroundings. Another trail connects Siete Lagunas with Mulhacén and Alcazaba, but be aware that it is virtually impossible to complete in a single day. 

This climb is difficult but extremely rewarding. It is a little more than 17 kilometres long, involves a significant ascent, and takes more than 7 hours to walk. Even though there will still be snow on the trail through the end of May, it is best to avoid trying it on warmer days.

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