Disneyland Resort Is Sort Of Opening, But Don’t Expect To Ride Anything

The Disneyland Resort in Southern California has been closed since March. At least, the two theme parks in the resort–Disneyland and Disney California Adventure–have been. That’s about to change, though.

Starting in November, a portion of Disney California Adventure will open to the public. That doesn’t mean you should get ready to ride the rides, though. The Buena Vista Street section of the park, made up of dining options and stores, are going to be open for business, according to the official Disney Parks blog.

While the shopping will be indoors, the seating for dining will be in expanded outdoor seating areas. Among the eateries opening are the Carthay Circle Lounge, complete with a new food and cocktail menu. For shopping, a number of gift shops will be open along the Buena Vista Street section, offering a ridiculous amount of Disney-branded items for you to take home.

Disney is treating this change as an extension of the currently-opened Downtown Disney, rather than the opening of a theme park. As such, it seems you won’t have to pay to gain admittance to the shops and dining available inside the gates of California Adventure. You also don’t have to pay to visit the new store opened up in an empty soundstage within the park.

While you might think this is Disney coming one step closer to fully reopening the parks at the Disneyland Resort, don’t get too excited. Given the guidelines the state of California recently made that will allow theme parks to open during the COVID pandemic, chances are the parks, along with Universal Studios Hollywood, will be closed for some time to come. What’s more, Disney recently laid off 28,000 employees due, in part, to the ongoing closure.

Image credit: MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

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