Discover Ionian Escape from Reality

The Ionian Islands are located in the western part of Greece. These islands attract the attention of travelers from all over the world and there are a lot of reasons for this.

They have a comfortable climate, dense greenery, the least chance of windy weather compared to other places in Greece, and the opportunity for luxury vacation rentals in the Ionian Islands. But what else attracts travelers’ attention making their Ionian trips unforgettable?

Ionian Islands are the perfect Opportunity to Escape into the Fairytale

The Ionian islands have amazing places that you don’t want to miss! You want to travel to Corfu, Zakynthos, Paxoi, Lefkada or Kefalonia? What awaits you here? Get ready to experience the primeval beauty of nature, the rich colors of both water and plants, and miles of golden beaches.

The islands will delight its guests with the aroma of coniferous forests, beautiful plants, citrus, and grapes. To experience the tale, you do not need to return to childhood, you need to go to one of the Ionian sea islands.

Climatic Features of Emerald Paradise

This island of Zakynthos will warm you with the hot rays of the sun most of the year. This place is ideal for relaxing at any time of the year. The sea breeze will save you from the sultry heat and make you feel comfortable even at high temperatures.

Most tourists prefer to stay here from May to October. But you can safely visit Zakynthos, Corfu, Lefkada or Kefalonia all year round and enjoy all the delights of that island.

Attractions, Beaches & Gastronomy

Nature is the main attraction of the Ionian Islands, as it is truly unique. As for the historic heritage, most of the monuments have not survived to this day, but tourists will still discover places that will immerse them in the times of the Greek gods.

When it comes to local food, be prepared for Mediterranean cuisine. Greek olive oil is considered the most delicious and natural in the world, and you will be convinced of this since there are almost no Greek cuisine dishes without olive oil. The gastronomic side of the Ionian islands will open to you in the form of aromatic oil, juicy tomatoes, garlic, and aromatic herbs.

Luxury Villas Is An Escape from Reality

To make your holiday in the emerald paradise unique, you need to take care of the hotel. Feeling yourself like a Hollywood celebrity is not such a difficult task if you choose the right Zakynthos villas. Here you can find options for both family holidays and vacations with friends. Blue Villas has prepared a variety of options to make your stay unforgettable.

All villas are spacious, have a modern design with an emphasis on Greek style, and will delight with their courtyards with swimming pools. But another advantage of such villas is that many of them are located on the shore, which guarantees stunning views of sunrises and sunsets, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the beach.

Navagio Bay is the most popular beach in Zakynthos. On the white sand, a smuggler’s ship awaits tourists, which was thrown onto the beach during a storm. That is an incredibly beautiful picture that will appeal to both children and adults.

The Ionian Islands are waiting for you to surprise you with their authentic beauty, delight with gourmet food, paradise nature, and pleasant weather all the year-round!