Coronavirus Prompts a Welcome Change to a Holiday Travel Dilemma | Travel

You won’t offend your host by not staying with them

While some folks find aspects of hosting incredibly stressful, some guests find it just as stress-inducing to decline invitations from hosts who insist you sleep over. Some of the world’s top etiquette experts have devoted effort into devising ways to politely-but-firmly decline invitations from hosts who are adamant that you stay over.

Bu this year, you don’t need an etiquette expert to help you explain why you’d rather opt for a hotel.

You’ll find better hotel deals this year

If you’ve always toyed with the idea of staying at a hotel but staying with family usually wins out in the name of saving money, here’s another reason to give in to the hotel for the 2020 holidays: You’ll likely score better rates than in any other year.

With summer travel down, hotel chains offered up some pretty good deals, many of which are still valid now — and many hotels offered up bonus points in their loyalty programs with every stay. At one point, Best Western was handing out gift cards just for staying with them.

Luxury travelers can still take advantage of a super sweet deal in Fairmont’s nearly unbeatable buy one, get one free offer for every night’s stay until April 30, 2021 (book before Nov. 16, 2020).

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