Cambridge named as one of the best UK cities to visit by luxury travel magazine

A luxury travel magazine has voted Cambridge as one of the ten best cities to visit in the UK.

The university city ranked in fifth place in a reader survey by Condé Nast Traveller, an upmarket publication aimed at wealthy holidaymakers and travellers.

Commenting on Cambridge, the magazine said: “History is woven into the medieval lanes and cloistered colleges of this free-wheeling university town. But now a perky batch of new arrivals are adding cocktail and coffee culture to the equation.”

It also heavily praised The University Arms hotel near Parker’s Piece, which it described as Cambridge’s “loveliest hotel”.

This latest nomination isn’t the first time Cambridge has received high praise either.

Areas of the city have regularly featured in the Sunday Times’ Best Places to Live guide, with Mill Road being described as “Cambridge’s answer to Notting Hill”.

The Sunday Times also praised Chesterton, which it said had “yet to receive the gentrification memo” – given that Tesco, a Chinese takeaway and post office still dominate the high street.

Cambridge as a whole appeared in the guide in 2017, which said it was a “boom town for the brainy”, and praised its train links to London and the range of high-quality secondary schools.

However, this year (2020), the Sunday Times sadly said Cambridge had “slumped”.

“It’s now an uneasy alliance of town, gown and science park: crowded, absurdly expensive and, according to the Centre for Cities think tank, the most unequal city in the UK,” it wrote.

The top ten cities in the UK

Edinburgh topped the survey with a score of 90.57 – Cambridge achieved a score of 84.43.

The top ten cities as voted by Condé Nast Traveller readers were:

10. Liverpool

9. Brighton

8. Bath

7. Cardiff

6. York

5. Cambridge

4. Glasgow

3. London

2. Oxford

1. Edinburgh

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