Are great airline deals worth the risk of COVID-19?

Some markets can see discounts of up to 50% over last year on airfare. But, is it a good idea to fly with COVID-19 surging in certain spots?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: There’s going to be lots of conversation about flying during the holidays and during the pandemic. 

Will you travel? What are the discounts? What precautions are the airlines taking for passenger safety? And what do doctors thing about getting on an airplane. Yes, there is a lot to consider when it comes to traveling this year.

Let’s face it, holiday flying is part of the airlines’ bread and butter, that’s why there are usually blackout dates on freebies during those times. But this year, like the rest of us, they’re wingin’ it, so deals on flights are taking off.

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“Most of the flights have empty seats, even though the airlines want to sell those seats.  Just because they want full capacity, doesn’t mean they are going to have, so expect some empty seats on your airplane this year.  As for discounts, we are seeing, in some markets, discounts of 50% to 60%, but where those discounts pop up is really going to vary” said Scott Keys of

Masks are required on flights across the board, and some seats may be empty. Fresh air is brought in and HEPA filters (HEPA, stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air) clean the air you breathe.  But still, would you or should you fly at holiday time?

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“Some of those travelers might be coming from international, and so you might be interacting with people and you won’t know if they have been exposed to something somewhere else.  Likewise, there are hotspots here domestically, same thing, you will be interacting with those people in the security lines, food counters, the gates, and on the airplane” said Dr. Rob Robinson of Urban House Call.

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“Never consider air travel if you are feeling unwell in any way. This is for your safety and the safety of others you might encounter, and the recommendations now are against small family gatherings which is thought to be a source of clusters of infections right now. So, if you don’t HAVE to travel, then avoid it. But IF NECESSARY, each individual traveler should weigh the risks vs benefits before they do” said Dr. Karla Robinson with Urban House Call.

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