Am I Selling Out Getting an Acting Agent?

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Am I selling out by getting an agent?
What is the ideal dialogue between representative and the representee? Who is writing the contract? It seems, to me, there is a large margin of error, between actress/actor and intention or created karma.

“Is the reason the agent in the matrix? A trialogue perhaps? Do you have any experience with getting an agent you can share? Namaste” —Corpse

Advice for a teen to get their foot in the door?
I’m a 16-year-old musician and I’ve always wanted to get into acting from a young age. I have even been signed to an agency before, but I turned down any offers I got due to bad mental illness I was dealing with at the time. I really want to get into acting but I have no idea where to start, and I can’t afford to be paying hundreds to an agency again for opportunities that aren’t really worth it. 

“I’d appreciate any advice anyone has for me, or agencies or organizations that can help me get a foot in the door. It might also be worth mentioning that I’m from Liverpool and can’t really afford to travel to London or any other big places for any agencies. Although, if I was to be offered a good, paid casting deal then I could probably travel.” —sophie_somber

Can a teen actor audition for a child role?

“I want to audition for a role in a TV series and I was wondering if a teen actor could potentially audition for a child role? My playing age isn’t that far off from what they are looking for, and a lot of people think that I have a baby face. Do you think I can still audition or do you think I should focus on specifically teenage roles? I don’t want to do something wrong, LOL. Thank you.” nikecure

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