8 Designers Share Where They Most Miss Traveling

Ask any creative where they look for inspiration, and you’re likely to hear a common source: Travel. For many interior designers, there’s no better way to expand a creative repertoire (plus, discover new sources!) than exploring new places and soaking in the art, customs, colors, and natural surroundings. Of course, the past year has put travel plans for nearly all of us on hold—and just as the Design Leadership Network, a group of top interior designers and architects, was planning to publish a book spotlighting members’ favorite destinations, they all found themselves with cancelled flights and hotels. But instead of scrapping the project, the group forged ahead—now, they reasoned, was as meaningful a time as ever to celebrate the joy of travel, and to spotlight the places they most wish to return to once it’s possible. Enter: Travel by Design, an anthology of travel photographs captured by designers in their favorite locations—and the ultimate armchair vacation.

“While it’s been refreshing to enjoy the pleasures of home, as we await new treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19, I suspect that anyone reading this shares my belief that travel in the months ahead will be more select and more appreciated than ever before,” writes DLN founder Peter Sallick in the book’s introduction. Indeed, we’re already dreaming of our next trip. Here, we’ve gathered a selection of the hundreds of destinations shared in Travel by Design. Consider it fodder for your travel vision boards, whenever they might resume.

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