1 in 4 Floridians planning to travel this holiday season, survey finds

TAMPA, Fla — The holidays are around the corner, and with COVID-19 cases on the rise, families are discussing holiday travel plans. 

AAA surveyed Floridians about their travel plans this year. The vast majority — 84 percent — are scared to book their normal travel plans.

Pinellas County resident Ryan Robertson said she is staying home with her two kids and husband. 

“I’d love to see my sister in law, my nephew and my niece, but I just don’t want to get anybody else sick either,” she said.

Robertson is not allowing any out-of-state travelers to her home and is approaching her thanksgiving meal differently. 

“If we were to eat, we try to keep family outside and then us inside. So we don’t even eat in the same room. So that’s a big difference there too,” she said.

Not everyone is staying home, however. AAA found that 24 percent of Floridians are planning on traveling during the holiday season. This includes both by plane and car. 

Josh LeClaire and his family are planning on taking a trip so their kids can have a white Christmas, but he says the final decision on the road trip is not up to him.

“I do have family members who say, ‘Well, where did you stop for gas on the way up?’ So, they’d want another test,” LeClaire said. “And, you know, there may be times I say, ‘Hey, well, we’ll catch you for Easter or a spring break trip.’”

Travel has been significantly disrupted by COVID-19, and that will continue to be the case through the holiday season. 

However, if you do plan on booking plane travel, AAA recommends doing so sooner rather than later. With fewer flights and restrictions on passengers, they say they are seeing seats fill up quickly.

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