Holidays are usually for gatherings but many get-togethers are complicated or canceled because of COVID-19.


Alvaro Rojas (@wanderreds) has visited every country in the world — a feat he just finished last December. That’s quite a lot of traveling. The 31-year-old from Spain is a travel influencer by trade, but when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, closed borders, canceled flights and shuttered parts of the global travel industry, changed his lifestyle with it. 

“I never expected a pandemic would keep me grounded for so many months,” Rojas told USA TODAY. 

Traveling during a pandemic hasn’t been easyfor anyone. But for influencers, whose livelihoods depend on engaging an audience and attracting and keeping sponsorships and partnerships, it goes beyond wanderlust.

From March to July, Rojas was locked down at home in Madrid. He estimates he lost more than $35,400 due to projects that fell apart due to the